Correctly completing the ESTA application form

As you are reading this article that means you already know you need to obtain ESTA authorisation to travel to the United States. Several websites enable you to access and complete the ESTA form in various languages including French and English but how to choose between them? Don’t panic, here we will explain in detail why and how to access and complete the ESTA application on our website.  

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Where can I find the ESTA application form?

The official American authority’s website offers ESTA application forms translated into a number of languages. However, you will not find any assistance on their website for completing the application form. It is therefore recommended to use another website such as ours to ensure you understand and complete the form correctly.

In order to facilitate the process for European citizens (including those of the UK and Ireland) that wish to travel to the United States, certain websites such as ours offer the ESTA application form in several languages and assist you with its completion in an intuitive manner thereby avoiding mistakes.

Of course, your authorisation application will then be transmitted to the American authorities in accordance with current legislation. The procedure is therefore entirely transparent and you can follow the processing of your ESTA application.


How to correctly complete the ESTA application form

Although you are completing the application form in your own language this does not mean that you should not pay the greatest attention to all questions asked. The first thing to do, even before starting to complete the application form, is to ensure that your biometric passport is close to hand as its number and expiry date will be required for the form. In the same way, if you are completing ESTA application forms for other people as well you should ensure that you have all details necessary concerning their identity (last name, first names, place and date of birth, postal address, passport details…) to correctly complete the application forms.

Take the time to carefully read each question and ensure you are in a calm environment while you complete your application. This way you can ensure you will be undisturbed and therefore less likely to skip over important information. Once your ESTA application form has been completed carefully check all information entered to ensure its accuracy before submitting.


Where can I find assistance in completing the ESTA application form?

If one or more questions on the ESTA form cause you problems do not hesitate to go through our website in which you will find the answer to every conceivable question concerning the ESTA. It is preferable to take the time to improve your understanding rather than respond with a guess to a question you have trouble understanding.

However you will note that the questionnaire is fairly easy to complete without the assistance of outside help, most of the questions are in the form of a multiple choice. You therefore simply need to place a cross in the appropriate box to answer.

Also ensure, for security reasons, that you print your application once it has been validated.


Why seek assistance for the completion of your ESTA authorisation application?

ESTA authorisation is granted following an online application by the completion of a detailed form.  Of course, this is not an examination or a test, just a simple questionnaire concerning your identity and the reasons for your upcoming visit. You therefore have all the answers you need to the questions you will be asked.

However, in certain particular cases, you may hesitate over your response to a particular question and it would be a shame to not obtain your authorisation in time to leave for the USA. This is notably the case when for example you are not sure about the name to use on your application form (single or married name), or information relative to the ESTA applications for your children or other people travelling with you.

This is the reason why it is best to benefit from assistance when completing this authorisation application form.


How to obtain assistance for completing your ESTA authorisation application?

On this website you will easily find all the essential information concerning the ESTA as well as precise and detailed responses to all the questions you may have concerning the application form  and how to complete it. The assistance available can in fact relate to:


Some advice before completing your online ESTA application:

Before starting to complete your ESTA application form questionnaire online we advise you to verify that you fully comply with all conditions necessary for obtaining it, these specifically include:

  • Be a citizen of one of the member countries of this scheme.
  • Plan to visit the USA for a period of less than 90 days.
  • Possess a biometric or electronic passport that is valid now and for the entirety of your visit (your passport number will be requested).
  • Not have a criminal file.

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