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To travel to the United States, it is no longer necessary to complete a visa application but you do need to obtain ESTA authorisation by completing an online application form. To complete the application process more easily and thereby rapidly obtain your ESTA authorisation we accompany you and assist you in the completion of this application form and respond to any queries you may have about the process.
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What is the ESTA authorisation for visiting the United States?

Maybe you have already heard of the ESTA travel authorisation when planning your visit to the United States, but you don’t know exactly what it is.  An ESTA authorisation is actually a travel authorisation issued by the American immigration authorities, similar to a visa but processed electronically or digitally online. In fact, the abbreviation ESTA is for ‘Electronic System for Travel Authorisation’.

This system was implemented by the American government with the aim of simplifying the travel authorisation applications for foreigners from certain countries, as well as simplifying the processing for the authorities and improving the rapidity of the procedure. In fact, for the applicant, the entire procedure is completed online in one simple step which is completing and submitting a questionnaire. No further need for paper documents from one side or the other as the response to the ESTA application is also delivered online by email.

Of course, as we will explain in further detailed articles available on this website, the ESTA application to visit the United States is subject to certain conditions that we will detail later. They in fact only really concern one category of visitor and a particular type of visit. For other applications and situations the classic visa is still available and represents an alternative to this electronic travel authorisation. 

In any case, for numerous people that wish to visit the United States, an ESTA travel authorisation is a modern and totally legal time saving solution that can improve the organisation of your travel plans.

Which information is required to complete the ESTA application form?

The completion of the ESTA application form is in three parts. The first relates to information concerning your identification as a visitor such as your identity and the number of your passport. It is important to note that not all types of passport are appropriate for this type of application.

Secondly, a certain number of questions are asked relating to the reasons for your visit to the USA. You simply need to reply to them honestly and correctly.

Finally, the last part of the application form concerns information relating to your flight and your stay such as the address you will be staying at or your flight number for travelling there. This part is optional.

Where and how to complete the ESTA application form?

The original ESTA application form offered by the American authorities is available in several languages but the lack of accompanying information can cause a problem for many people. This is why we offer application forms in various languages on our website together with assistance in completing them correctly.

Certain advice should be followed when you complete the online application form. Firstly, make sure you have the necessary time available to you to complete the application form and that you have the documents necessary close at hand (such as your valid passport).

Take the time to read carefully each of the questions asked and re-read your responses before submitting your application as once submitted it can no longer be modified. Once your ESTA application form has been sent you have nothing else to do. The response, either authorisation or refusal, will be notified to you by email within 72 hours.

Important: is an independent website that is not associated with the American authorities responsible for studying the ESTA applications. It can therefore not be held responsible for any litigation process whatsoever.

Who is affected by the ESTA travel application form for the United States:

The ESTA travel authorisation application form was implemented to simplify the procedure for certain visitors wishing to stay in the United States. The latter, who were previously required to make an often lengthy and detailed visa application, can now, using a simple questionnaire completed online, obtain a travel authorisation in only 72 hours. However, not everyone is affected by this visa waiver program. In fact, to be able to access the ESTA form you will need to fulfil certain specific conditions as follows:

  1. Be a citizen of one of the member countries of the ESTA scheme: The ESTA online travel authorisation application scheme was implemented according to an agreement between the United States and certain other countries of which the legislation respects the current applicable American laws and regulations. Therefore, to access this form it is necessary for you to be a citizen of one of these participating countries. This means that you should reside permanently in one of these countries and possess a passport issued by it.
  2. A reasonable visit duration: The length of your stay in the United States will also affect your possibility of being eligible for the Visa Waiver program and therefore able to access the simplified ESTA scheme for your visit to the United States. In fact, according to the rules for this scheme, your visit should not exceed 90 days; this equals 3 months in American territory.
  3. An authorised reason for your visit: The reason for your visit to the United States is also subject to certain regulations. Only visits for reasons of tourism, to friends or family, or for business affairs are authorised. In particular, if you wish to work in the USA you cannot do so with a simple ESTA authorisation.
  4. Possess a valid passport: The ESTA is not in any way a substitute for a valid passport. It is therefore imperative that you possess a valid biometric or electronic passport for your application of which the validity covers the entirety of your visit to the United States. Your ESTA authorisation will be directly linked to your passport number and you should present this document during your travel.

If you are not eligible for the ESTA scheme and cannot complete this simplified online form then you still have the possibility of visiting an American Embassy to complete a traditional visa application.

At which time should you apply for an ESTA to visit the United States?

If you plan to shortly visit the United States then you are probably wondering when is the best time to begin the travel authorisation procedure. This is one of the advantages of the ESTA system as it enables you to obtain this authorisation rapidly.

The response time to an online ESTA application is a maximum of 72 hours but you will generally receive an answer within just a few hours after submitting your application. It is therefore theoretically possible to apply only a few days before your departure. However, we highly recommend that you still apply plenty of time in advance to cover any eventualities such as a refusal.

In the case of a refusal, you have two possibilities. If the reason for the refusal is due to being ineligible for the system because of not fulfilling one of the conditions then you will need to apply for a classic visa. This procedure can also be completed online but requires more time than the ESTA application. The second reason may be that you simply made a mistake when completing the application form for the travel authorisation online and in this case you can reapply after a 10 day delay after receiving your refusal notification.

This is the reason why it is best to apply for your ESTA authorisation at least two or three weeks before the departure date of your visit to the United States.

What are the advantages of the ESTA application form available on our website?

Generally speaking, access to the ESTA electronic travel authorisation application form offers numerous advantages, the major one being the minimal amount of time required as compared with a visa application and an extremely fast response which facilitates the preparations for your visit.

But the fact of using a website such as ours to access this form also has other advantages. Firstly you can access the form in your own language which greatly simplifies the procedure and helps you to better understand the different questions asked.

Also, if you have any questions related to the ESTA, its validity, its use or even how you should answer the different questions asked in the form then you will find all the assistance you need on this website.
We have in fact taken the time to respond to all the problems a person may encounter when wishing to visit the USA with information that is clear and precise.

For how long can you use your ESTA?

Once your application has been confirmed through the submission of the form available on our website you will receive an email in response from the American authorities within a maximum of 72 hours. From this time, if you have been granted authorisation, you can visit the United States as many times as you wish during the valid two year period.

In fact, the ESTA Visa Waiver Program enables you to benefit from this travel authorisation during a period of two consecutive years without having to complete any further administrative procedures, on the condition that your visits do not exceed 90 days each time and are without the intention to work in the USA.

The only cases whereby you will need to reapply by completing a new form concerns changes to your situation or important information related directly to you such as your identity, address or passport. Apart from these particular cases you will have no extra procedures to complete to visit the USA again during these two years and your authorisation will remain digitally linked to your passport number during this time.

Particular cases for using the ESTA application form:

In general, the ESTA application form is used by those wishing to prepare for a stay in the United States. But it is also necessary to complete this procedure and obtain this authorisation if you plan a trip that requires transit or a transfer through American territory. The form available on this website enables you to proceed with this application in the same way as for a typical visit.
You should also be aware that you have the possibility to make a group or collective ESTA authorisation application by registering other visitors at the same time as yourself. To do so simply state when beginning to complete the form that it is a group application and ensure you have all the information necessary relating to the other visitors that will accompany you. As you will have to reply to all the questions asked on the form for each of those who will accompany you we recommend that you complete the form with them present or that you can contact them at that time by telephone. You will also need their passport number.

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Finally, the ESTA form available on our website also enables the renewal of your authorisation when it expires or requires certain major modifications.

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