The ESTA form for the UK and Ireland

If you are an Irish or UK citizen and wish to visit the United States for tourism or business purposes you will need to apply for travel authorisation by completing the ESTA application form. To learn more about the ESTA and the application procedure you can find explanations and practical advice in this article.  

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ESTA authorisation for Ireland and the UK:

Like certain other countries, Ireland and the UK are members of the VWP associated with the ESTA travel authorisation system, implemented by the United States in 2009. This procedure was implemented with the aim of facilitating the official procedure for citizens of European and certain other countries that wish to visit the USA for a period not exceeding 90 days. This is the Visa Waiver Program that avoids the necessity of the long and complicated standard visa application procedures.

To access the ESTA application form you simply need to visit an internet website such as ours where you will find the application form available in several languages including French and English. Several types of questions are asked, mainly related to your identity and the reasons for your visit to American territory. You merely have to respond to all questions honestly and carefully, making sure you do not forget your passport as its number will be required.

Once the application questionnaire has been completed, to validate and submit it you will need to pay the amount pertaining to the administration fees. Your authorisation application will then be transmitted to the American immigration authorities who will study it and send you a response within a maximum of 72 hours. If the response obtained is positive you have nothing further to do and are not required to print the document, although for security reasons we recommend you note your ESTA number and print a copy of the email received.

An ESTA authorisation for Ireland or the UK is valid for two years from its initial issue, including future trips during that period.


Can an Irish citizen complete the UK version of the ESTA application?

Yes, of course, you can complete your English language ESTA application form on any website such as ours, whatever your nationality or country of residence as long as it is a member country of the Visa Waiver Program as is the case for Ireland or the UK.

The questions asked in the application form are the same for all languages; the application form has simply been entirely translated.


Some advice for completing the ESTA application form:

To avoid making mistakes that could incur the delay or cancellation of your visit we recommend you follow the advice below:  

  • Take the time necessary to carefully read all questions asked and respond correctly.
  • Ensure you have your biometric or electronic passport with you as well as your credit card (for the payment) before starting to complete the form.
  • Ideally you should start the ESTA procedure at least two weeks before your departure date.

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