Updating the ESTA authorisation

Updating the ESTA authorisation

Whether you need to complete a new ESTA application as your first authorisation has expired or you wish to simply modify certain personal information after the completion of your application form, it can sometimes become necessary to update your ESTA authorisation information. Here we will explain in detail how to proceed with this and update your authorisation rapidly, in either of these cases.


Updating your ESTA document to correct a mistake or modify information entered:

Have you already completed your ESTA application form and submitted it through our website only to find that you made an error when completing it? Don’t panic! You can modify the information entered at any time by simply updating your ESTA application.

For this you should simply visit the website where you completed your application, ensuring you have your reference number with you. This number should be kept safely for exactly this reason, in case you need to make modifications. It will enable you to access your completed application form on which you can make the modifications necessary to update it. Once resubmitted, your application will again be examined by the American authorities and you should wait for the new authorisation that will be sent by email.

This type of modification also functions if you wish to reuse your ESTA authorisation for another trip that takes place during the two year validity period. Important note: Certain modifications such as your civil status or passport number require an entirely new application.


Updating an ESTA authorisation after the validity period has expired:

If your last ESTA authorisation is over two years old and you wish to visit the United States again, or if your civil status or passport number has changed, then you will need to submit a new application through the same procedure as before. Basically, it is not possible to simply update your authorisation.

For this, it is pointless to visit the website you used for your initial application. You can find the application form in several languages on our website. In the same way as with your initial document you should ensure you have your biometric or electronic passport with you and ensure it is valid for your entire trip.

It is important to know that even if you obtained your first authorisation easily the first time it may be possible that a later application is refused. You should therefore take great care in completing your online application form and ensure you answer all questions as truthfully and completely as possible.

Your ESTA document will be advised by email within a maximum period of 72 hours after your application submission although a response from the American authorities is generally faster. In case of a refusal, you can create a new application 10 days after this initial refusal notification.

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