How much does the ESTA application form cost?

How much does the ESTA application form cost?

For the last few years, all visitors wishing to travel to American territory should apply for travel authorisation from the American authorities prior to their visit. The processing of the ESTA application that you need to submit for this authorisation is payable. If you wish to learn more about the price of this application form submission and the fees inherent, you can find out more details here together with some explanations on this subject.


The price of the ESTA authorisation application:

Firstly, it is important to stipulate that the ESTA application form itself is not payable. What you actually pay for is the validation of your ESTA application form and its transmission to the American immigration authorities and its processing.

Therefore, no payment will be requested until you have completed and verified your application form. Once the form has been completed you should proceed to the payment online of an amount that varies from one website to another but will not exceed €90 per visitor.


What is the purpose of the fee for the ESTA application form?

To better understand why you need to pay an exact amount when you apply for an ESTA you need to know that each administrative procedure incurs certain processing costs.

In fact, the American authorities responsible for the study of your application receive thousands of applications every day, each of which has to be analysed and a decision reached as to whether or not travel authorisation to the United States should be granted. This of course requires time, and a large number of employees paid by the American government. It is therefore normal that the latter charge for ESTA applications in order to cover some of the costs incurred.

Furthermore, the websites where you can find the ESTA application form, such as ours, set their own prices that vary from one site to another. Part of this fee is of course paid to the USA for the processing of the ESTA application, the other part is payment for services rendered by the website. In our case, and apart from the availability of the application form and its transmission to the American authorities, we offer the opportunity to modify the completed application form online should the need arise. All these services are provided at a cost of only €55.


The acceptable means of payment for the ESTA authorisation application:

To pay the amount required during the submission of your ESTA application form, you have a variety of different means of payment available to choose from including bank transfer and credit card. However, credit card payments are better as they are faster and more secure.

If you only submit your authorisation application a few days before your departure date, this solution will enable you to avoid certain unpleasant surprises as if a transfer does not arrive on time on the beneficiary’s account, the authorisation application cannot be forwarded and therefore will not be verified before your trip.

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