Group ESTA applications for the whole family

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Group ESTA applications for the whole family

A family trip to the USA is an incredible shared experience that will undoubtedly leave you all with some unforgettable memories. But the procedure to follow to enable all your family members to leave at the same time, with the minimum of fuss, can seem complicated and fastidious.

Luckily, if you are citizens of one of the ESTA procedure member countries then you can complete your travel authorisation applications at the same time, as a family, directly through the internet, using the group application option that is at your disposal. 

Here are some explanations and advice for completing your applications as easily as possible. 


The advantages of a collective ESTA application:

To travel to the USA you need to acquire travel authorisation from the American authorities, either in the form of a visa or, if you fulfil the conditions, an ESTA electronic authorisation.

If you are planning a trip to the American continent as part of a group you will each be required to obtain this well known travel authorisation. However, although the ESTA application process has been greatly simplified and is completed solely online, making individual applications can be time consuming and make travel preparations for the group far more complex.

Luckily, it is possible to create a collective or group application. One single person thereby takes the responsibility of completing the applications for the whole group, and receiving the responses from the American authorities. This enables a saving in terms of time as well as an easier way of managing the travel preparations.


How to complete ESTA applications for the whole family?

Completing ESTA applications for the whole family is, in itself, fairly simple. You simply need to access an authorisation application online such as the one available through our website, and then choose the combined group option. Of course, it will be necessary to reply individually, for each family member, to all the questions asked. It should be noted that even very young children are also required to obtain individual ESTA travel authorisation

You should therefore be able to supply precise and detailed information on each person that will accompany you, such as their full name, date and place of birth, as well as their address, family situation and profession, and of course their passport number. 

When you create the ESTA applications for the whole family, all those who plan to travel should possess a biometric or electronic passport that is valid and will remain valid for the entirety of the planned trip to the United States.

Once the applications have been completed for all members of the family including yourself, you will need to pay for the administrative and processing fees by credit card to ensure that your applications are correctly transmitted and examined by the American authorities.  These fees are calculated individually and the total amount therefore due will depend on the number of applications to be processed, therefore the number of people wishing to travel.


Cost and validation for a group ESTA application:

Although a collective ESTA application greatly facilitates the procedure for organising your travel to the United States, it does not enable a reduction in price, the processing and administration fees are individually priced. To submit a group application the total amount due for all the group members will have to be paid by credit card.

The response from the American authorities will be transmitted at one and the same time for all the applicants, to the email address of the principal contact person and within a maximum period of 72 hours. If one or several group members do not obtain their ESTA authorisation, this will not impact the authorisations of the others in the group.

Of course, each authorisation can later be used individually by the holder, within the legal duration of the ESTA two year validity period.


Where and how to receive ESTA applications for the whole family?

When you make the ESTA applications for the whole family online, you will be asked for the first names, last name and email address of the person responsible for making the application. It is to this email address that the response from the American authorities will be sent, within 72 hours maximum following the validation of the application forms. It is therefore important that you remember to check your incoming emails, including the spam folder.

In the case of a refusal for one of the applicants, it is possible to reapply individually, or apply for a traditional visa.

You do not need to print your ESTA authorisation as, once your application has been accepted, the decision of the American authorities will be automatically registered with your passport, and the customs and immigration services, as well as your travel company, will be able to access this authorisation when they read your passport.

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