ESTA Form to travel to United States

To travel to the United States, it is no longer necessary to complete a visa application but you do need to obtain ESTA authorisation by completing an online application form. To complete the application process more easily and thereby rapidly obtain your ESTA authorisation we accompany you and assist you in the completion of this application form and respond to any queries you may have about the process.
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Which information is required to complete the ESTA application form?

The completion of the ESTA application form is in three parts. The first relates to information concerning your identification as a visitor such as your identity and the number of your passport. It is important to note that not all types of passport are appropriate for this type of application.

Secondly, a certain number of questions are asked relating to the reasons for your visit to the USA. You simply need to reply to them honestly and correctly.

Finally, the last part of the application form concerns information relating to your flight and your stay such as the address you will be staying at or your flight number for travelling there. This part is optional.

Where and how to complete the ESTA application form?

The original ESTA application form offered by the American authorities is available in several languages but the lack of accompanying information can cause a problem for many people. This is why we offer application forms in various languages on our website together with assistance in completing them correctly.

Certain advice should be followed when you complete the online application form. Firstly, make sure you have the necessary time available to you to complete the application form and that you have the documents necessary close at hand (such as your valid passport).

Take the time to read carefully each of the questions asked and re-read your responses before submitting your application as once submitted it can no longer be modified. Once your ESTA application form has been sent you have nothing else to do. The response, either authorisation or refusal, will be notified to you by email within 72 hours.

Important: is an independent website that is not associated with the American authorities responsible for studying the ESTA applications. It can therefore not be held responsible for any litigation process whatsoever.